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Golf Ball Skagit Casting Tips with Ed Ward- OPST

In this video Ed Ward shares some thoughts on Skagit casting with the help of a wiffle golf ball. He covers the differences between single hand overhead casting and Skagit casting, connecting and separating the planes of a Skagit cast, proper tempo, how to get more load through line placement,

LCA Boys Golf 2017 State Champs Hallway Parade

LCA Boys Golf 2017 State Champs Hallway Parade FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter - @PrepSpin Instagram @PrepSpin Facebook - OFFICIAL WEBSITE - This Video / Broadcast is Presented in HD thanks to White, Greer, and Maggard Orthodontics. @WGMOrthodontics #WGMOrtho was created to highlight student athletes online through rich digital media. Our service

Titleist 718 AP1 | Review | American Golf

In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor reviews the new Titleist 718 AP1 irons at American Golf store in Aintree. Nick tests these for their forgiveness on off centre hits using trackman, Mizuno MP-18 review: Music by Cappellino (YouTube channel): FRIDAYS - GOLF TIPS Subscribe to my